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Meet Chili

January 02, 2021 1 min read

Chili is a 7-month-old Vizsla who is "currently going through a teenage phase where she knows all of her commands but doesn’t listen to them." Chili's lively personality, passion for local Austin companies, and love for our Original Dog Treats prove Chili embodies what #NeoPupoftheMoment is all about! 


What is your adoption story?

"We got Chili from a dairy farmer in Missouri. We had been thinking about getting a vizsla for a long time. When a female vizsla popped up earlier this year (who would ever forfeit their waitlist spot for Chili 🤩) we made the 10-hour drive. She slept the whole drive back... we thought we were getting a calm dog!"

What 3 words best describe Chili?

"Hungry. Goofy. Lovable. (And a little bit psycho, of course)"

Share something interesting about Chili.

"Chili gets along with every dog. That big scary dog at the dog park? Chili will slowly crawl up to it, flip on her back, and wait until the dog wants to be her friend."

What is your favorite thing about Neo Bites?

"So many! Chili would say the best thing is the taste. Chili went crazy. She actually bit my hand a little too hard one time I was holding one. I would say the “local”. I love that you’re a local Austin company!"