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Meet Cooper, Brooklyn, & Lucas

February 24, 2021 1 min read

Meet Cooper, Brooklyn, & Lucas, our current #neopup(s)ofthemoment! Cooper is a golden retriever, Brooklyn is a dachshund-pomeranian mix, and Lucas is a great dane. These three make quite the pack!


What is Your Adoption Story?

We first adopted Cooper from the local shelter in Nebraska where we were going to school. He had been found as a stray after being shot and we couldn’t say no to his wagging tail and sugar face! Shortly after, we welcomed Apollo to the family. About a year later, I convinced my now-husband that a little dog wouldn’t change much of our lifestyle, and so we welcomed Brooklyn to the family. She was born at the shelter and an absolutely floofball, and I couldn’t say no! Shortly after Apollo’s 5th birthday, we lost him to lymphoma. Our home felt so empty, that a few weeks later we added Lucas to the family! ♥️


WHAT 3 WORDS BEST DESCRIBE Cooper, Brooklyn, and Lucas?

 I’ll give one word for each dog: Cooper, happy. Lucas, goofy. Brooklyn, sassy!



Share something interesting about your pups.

We often get questions about how we can have three dogs of such different sizes and have them get along. Well it’s simple: they don’t care. They love each other and respect each other’s sizes and boundaries. Brooklyn and Lucas are best friends, even with the 120lb difference!


 What is your favorite thing about Neo Bites?

We love the sustainability effort and the innovation behind using crickets! Plus, the pups think they are quite tasty, which is always a win in our book!