Neo Bites

Meet Marilyn

Marilyn is a 5-year-old Chihuahua from San Antonio, Texas. She is a fashion and treats connoisseur, making her the perfect fit for our current #NeoPupoftheMoment spotlight!


What is your adoption story?

"I adopted Marilyn when she was 8 weeks old from the Animal Defense League of Texas. She was brought in after being found in a cardboard box with her brother on the south side of San Antonio."

What 3 words best describe Marilyn?

"Classy, Bougie, Educated"

Share something interesting about Marilyn.

"Marilyn has 4 other doggie siblings. She is a athlete training in Flyball, weight pulling and fast cat. Marilyn is a foodie. She loves to sun bathe. And Marilyn is extremely smart and eager to learn making her able to pick up most tricks within a day!"

What is your favorite thing about Neo Bites?

"I love the limited ingredients! Chihuahuas are prone to obesity and with her being a food connoisseur she gains weight easily if I treat her too often. I loved that she was just as eager to work for her Neo-Bites treats, without the extra additives and junk!"