Meet Mocha

January 25, 2021 1 min read

Meet Mocha, our current #NeoPupoftheMoment! Mocha is a 10 month-old Australian Shepherd. Mocha's love, playfulness, and hunger for our protein-packed treats prove Mocha embodies what #NeoPupoftheMoment is all about! 

What is your adoption story?

"Mocha was found through an Australian Shepherd rescue organization - there are a lot of pups (both young and old) out there that need good homes 🧡"

What 3 words best describe Mocha?

"Loving, playful, & hungry (almost always ready to eat 🤣)"

Share something interesting about Mocha.

"Mocha is blind in her left eye! Due to a breeding error, her left eye has ‘Iris Coloboma’ - a genetic condition caused by overbreeding 😕 she can be really light sensitive because of it but it hasn’t slowed her down yet❣️"

What is your favorite thing about Neo Bites?

"We love Neo Bites because they are a perfect treat - one full of all the good ingredients (hello protein!) and none of the bad! 😋"