Neo Bites

Meet Welly

Meet Welly, our current #NeoPupoftheMoment! Welly is a 1-year-old Cavapoo... and IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY! (HBD Welly🥳) Welly's goofy personality, passion for extreme sports like table jumping, and love for our Adult Dog Food prove Welly embodies what #NeoPupoftheMoment is all about! 



What is your adoption story?


"My mom and dad were supposed to go back to New Zealand for a friend’s wedding at the very beginning of COVID, but their trip got cancelled. My mom saw a post that I was the last lone pup left to be picked, so instead of getting on their flight to Wellington, they drove to Kansas to bring me home- hence how I got my name Welly ☺️"

What 3 words best describe Welly?

"Fluffy, Goofy & Cuddly"


Share something interesting about Welly.


"I love jumping and high surfaces. When my parents leave me home alone, sometimes I end up on the kitchen table- they think I might be part cat 🤷"