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What is Ready-Fresh™?

What is Ready-Fresh™?

Great question. The short answer: we made the phrase up. Let's dissect it and dig in, shall we?


Fresh foods blow kibble out of the water, there's no doubt about it. Kibble is typically made through a high-temperature extrusion process, killing vital nutrients, while potentially introducing nasty chemical compounds along the way. Some kibbles are even sprayed with vitamins after they're cooked because they lose so many nutrients during the high temperature cooking process. Now what about that nasty chemical compound we referred to? We're talking about acrylamide. Acrylamide is a chemical compound that naturally occurs when starchy foods (i.e. cheap kibbles with lots of fillers) are cooked at high-temperatures, and it has been shown to cause cancer in animal lab studies. Yikes, we know.

Fresh foods, on the other hand, are gently cooked at low temperatures to ensure nutrients aren't cooked out, while removing any harmful bacteria. 


While fresh foods answer all of kibble's quality concerns, they introduced new problems, and left others unanswered.

To start, they made mealtime pretty inconvenient. Storing your dog's food in your fridge or freezer (and losing that precious space we always seem to run out of) and having to scoop out wet food from a messy container or plastic bag loses its luster pretty fast. And on top of that, you then have to worry about the food showing up to your door already spoiled from a delivery delay, and then have to be sure you use it within 7 days. 

Kibble wins the convenience battle, hands down.


The problem fresh food didn't solve for? Sustainability. As if the human-grade meat's impact wasn't enough, they also have to ship overnight while using excessive packaging to keep the food cold. The carbon cost of this combo is an environmental nightmare. Even if they sourced better packaging solutions, they're still using unsustainable protein sources and rush shipping. Read this to learn more about the carbon cost of shipping.


Don't get us wrong, your dog deserves (needs) to eat high-quality, unprocessed food. And we're excited that there are other companies out there fighting to improve the overall quality standards of the pet food industry. But that's a lot of hassle just to be sure your dog is getting the highest quality food, and why choose something so bad for the environment?  

Enter: Ready-Fresh™

With Ready-Fresh™, we combined all of the great things about fresh food and dry food, and removed the bad. Our Ready-Fresh™ food is gently cooked and dried at a low temperature. Through this process, we are able to offer high-quality, unprocessed food, while also making it shelf-stable and ready-to-eat - removing all of the hassle of fresh food. Additionally, we use sustainable, resource efficient protein sources, and ship in the most environmentally-responsible way possible.

Give it a shot. If your dog doesn't love the treat-like taste, we'll refund you.