Raw Food Diet

There are so many different types of dog food on the market currently. It can be hard to choose which one will be the right one for your dog. Some people just pick a bag based on the price, while others choose a specific diet like grain-free or raw. What if I told you that there is a new dog food on the market that is healthy, gut and allergy friendly, and also vet formulated? Did I mention it is also SUSTAINABLE. Not only is it good for your dog, it’s good for the planet. In this blog series we will show you why Neo Bites is the best choice on the market. 

Puppy eating raw pumpkin

What vets say about feeding your dog a raw dog food diet. 

Vets say that there are a lot more risks than there are rewards when it comes to feeding your dog a raw diet. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did a test to see which dog foods carry the most bacteria. Out of the 196 samples of raw dog food they took, 47 had either Salmonella or Listeria, which is 100% more than any other type of dog food. (FDA) The American Veterinary Medical Association ( AMVA) discourages people from feeding their dogs a raw diet. The AMVA says that not only can you make your dog sick, they can get other livestock and pets sick as well. ( AMVA) In some cases your dog’s stomach acid may neutralize the effect of the bacteria, but this does not mean that they can’t pass it on to other animals making them sick. Most of the Salmonella found in raw dog food is also resistant to antibiotics according to the Canadian Veterinary Journal. (CVJ) Another common side effect of eating raw meat is that if the bones or hard parts aren’t properly removed, then the dog could break a tooth, choke, or puncture an organ.

What does a balanced diet look like for your dog?

For humans it is easy to figure out what nutrients you need, as there are countless resources at our disposal. This is not the same for dogs. Most people just trust the brands that are sold in the store. The main way dogs should get their nutrients is through a complete and balanced recipe that uses high-quality protein and carbohydrates. This balanced diet will provide all the necessary nutrients your pup needs. The carbs will provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. The protein provides necessary amino acids and - if it’s a high-quality protein source like crickets - bonus omega-3s. And then there’s fat. Fat provides flavor while also helping maintain a healthy coat and skin. High quality protein and fats are a key way to distinguish between high-quality, healthy dog food and cheap dog food with fillers. To top off your dog's food there should be added vitamins, in the form of fruits or vegetables. The vitamins can be added in powdered form, and most of the time, add flavor.

Why Neo Bites does this and more

Neo Bites checks all the important things listed above and more. Neo Bites is full of functional superfoods and lean, high-quality proteins. All of the carbs in the food - oats, peas, pumpkin and apples - are functional and offer real nutritional value. Our primary protein source comes from crickets, and the rest is from the egg and peas (other functional superfood). Why crickets? They have a higher protein content per gram than traditional meats, and they’re packed with micronutrients. You can utilize more of a cricket in dog food than you can traditional meat. They are a more sustainable option because they use less water, less land, and release no methane gas. Our food is also fresh-dried which makes it convenient while also maintaining nutrients. Cooking dog food at a high temperature can reduce the amount of nutrients. We are not only looking out for the health of your dog - but also the health of the planet. So, why Neo Bites? It gives your dog a well balanced, nutrient-rich meal without the risk, and you help the planet along the way.

- Ashlyn Roberts