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Austin Pup Roundup 2021

The Top 42 Places to bring your dog in Austin. From our city's most noteworthy pups!

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Turkey & Kobe (@turkandkobe)

  1. Auditorium Shores
  2. Moontower Saloon
  3. Jo's on South Congress


Bea (@beathemastiff)

  1. Trails around Lake Georgetown
  2. Hiking Shoal Creek (off leash!)
  3. Dogs Around Austin Daycare



Bella (@bellathebomsky)

  1. Kayaking at Red Bud Isle
  2. Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake
  3. Mary Moore Metropolitan Park

JAX & AXL (@atx_jax)

  1.  Buda Sportsplex Dog Park (with an obstacle course and a section specifically for small dogs)
  2. Nate's Bar Buda
  3. The Little Darlin



Fox & Bella (@foxpomeranian)

  1. The 360 Bridge
  2. Zilker Park
  3. South Congress


Chili (@chili_dawgy)

  1. Turkey Creek off Leash Trail
  2. Mañana Coffee Shop (she gets the bacon dog treat)
  3. Tiny's Milk and Cookie Stand (they give Chili a spoonful of vanilla)



Maisy (@mischief.maisy)

  1. Bouldin Acres
  2. Toss Pizzeria
  3. The Liberty


A special gift for all the Austin dog parents out FREE Starter Pouch of Neo Bites' treats. Click here and use promo code "AustinPups" at checkout for 100% off.


Baloo & Burfi (@aloofandfloof)

  1. Lower Bull Creek Greenbelt - pretty easy stretch of hike even for Baloo and quick access to water and has a pretty waterfall!
  2. St. Edwards Park - quick hike to a swimming hole with nice and cool water :)
  3. Ford Commons Metro Park - a very beautiful flowing water and dock access :) we love it for a good hike with less crowds... also really pretty for pictures


Memphis (@memphis.the.brussie)

  1. Nomadic Beerworks
  2. Big Stacy Park
  3. Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden


Clover & Daisy (@littlecloverbigdreams)

  1. Mozart's Coffee
  2. Redbud Isle
  3. Zilker Park


Penny Lane (@pennytheluckdragon)

  1. Coleen's Kitchen
  2. Dog's Around Austin Daycare
  3. Auditorium Shores Off Leash Park


 Duke (@schnauzergonnaschnauze)

  1. Lady Bird Lake Trail near Auditorium Shores
  2. Latchkey Bar
  3. Zilker Park


Kiky (@kikythehusky)

  1. The Greenbelt
  2. Barton Springs
  3. Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake


Neeko & Phife (@freakyneeko)

  1. Paws on Chicon Pet Store- Super friendly staff! Has a great raw treat bar and several goodies you can’t find anywhere else. We love taking a photo outside with their store sign that is always decorated cute and changes with the seasons. Make sure to visit Friday-Sunday for fresh doggy fro-yo soft serve that is made with primal goat milk and so delicious! If you can’t make it on the weekend, the doggy Froyo is available single serve in their freezer.
  2. Arbor Food Trailer Park- Such a great little food park! With Dog Treat Truck, Dough boys, Burgerlicious, Cuantos Tacos, Rosarito Cevicheria, El Tigre Coffee and more! All delicious and located under the trees with plenty of shade. Super dog friendly and they even have a newly gated small dog park!
  3. Turkey Creek Trail- The trail is a 2.8 mile out and back off leash trail that we LOVE! Endless sniffs and nature to enjoy. When the creek is flowing, we can swim and get our paws wet. The beautiful fern wall is a sight to see.



A special gift for all the Austin dog parents out FREE Starter Pouch of Neo Bites' treats. Click here and use promo code "AustinPups" at checkout for 100% off.


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