Neo Bites

finally...treats and Meal mix-in that are packed with functional superfoods & easy on the planet

Functional Superfoods

● Unprocessed whole-food ingredients
● Gut & allergy friendly
● Complete protein for strong muscles
● Omega 3s for healthy skin and shiny coat
● Antioxidant-rich for heart health

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● Resource-efficient protein sources
● Environmentally-friendly packaging
● Lower-impact shipping methods.
● Members of 1% For The Planet

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What's our secret?

Cricket Protein

Crickets are a nutritional powerhouse. They contain all 10 essential amino acids, as many omega-3s and more vitamin B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach, more calcium than a glass of milk, as well as chitin, a gut-friendly prebiotic.

As a bonus, they're one of the most efficient sources of animal protein - using fractions of the resources used by traditional protein sources, while producing virtually no greenhouse gases.

Bark-Worthy Mentions

“Jazzy goes crazy for these treats!”

- Madison, Jazzy's Mom

"Chili looooves the food"

- Melanie, Chili's Mom

"Beau's tail doesn't wag this hard for any other treats"

- Graham, Beau's Dad

OG Dog Treats


Cricket and 5 other whole-food, human-grade superfoods - oats, pumpkin, peanut butter, egg and cinnamon - combine and provide an irresistible taste your pup is guaranteed to love.


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