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Forward-Thinking & Functional Dog Food

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“What’s funny is that he had a bowl full of his normal food all day long that he didn’t touch. I poured it out and put in the Neo Bites and he loved it.”

- Cathy, Max's Mom

"Michel is usually a very good and patient boy but we could hardly keep him away from these."

- Brent, Michel's Dad

"Here is my feedback: Bear LOVES everything."

- Wendi, Bear's Mom

“Jazzy goes crazy for these treats!”

- Madison, Jazzy's Mom

"Callie is pretty picky and I just gave her a treat, and she's OBSESSED!!"

- Cami, Callie's Mom

A Note From Our Founder

Neo Bites is on a mission to save the two things humans can’t live without: Pets and Planet Earth.

Commercial pet food is cheap and highly processed (i.e. fast food). On top of that, it’s made using incredibly unsustainable protein sources.

Here at Neo Bites, we're offering an upgrade and setting a new standard in dog food by putting health and sustainability front and center. When choosing sustainable ingredients, we chose one of the best: Crickets.

Why? Crickets are one of the most high-quality novel protein sources and are essentially a "superfood". As a plus, there’s no need to worry about product recalls or zoonotic diseases from low-quality meat ingredients.

In terms of sustainability, crickets use less water, less feed, less land, and they produce more edible weight than traditional proteins. They also produce virtually no greenhouse gases or ammonia, and they breed like rabbits.

Health and sustainability will always be at the core of Neo Bites, and that’s a promise we’re proud to stand by.

- Wesley Cooper, Founder