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Can't have that, doggies need their superfoods!

Alison Tirone and Anne Carroll Ingersoll, owners of Neo Bites, with their dogs Biggles and Munchkin

Healthy Dogs.

Healthy Planet.

That's Our Passion.

Hi there! We're Alison Tirone and Anne Carrol (AC) Ingersoll, the hearts and hands behind Neo Bites. Just like you, we're devoted dog parents (shoutout to Biggles and Munchkin!) and we're here to share something really special with your furry family members.

For us, Neo Bites is more than a brand; it's a labor of love. We're passionate about providing superfood treats and meal toppers to enrich your dog's daily diet. It's all about adding that extra sprinkle of health and happiness to your pup's mealtime.

Why Neo Bites

Superfood Goodness: Our superfood meal toppers are a game-changer. They're designed to boost your dog's regular meals with added nutrition, making every bite count.

Treats That Delight: Our treats aren't just yummy; they're filled with wholesome ingredients that support overall health and wellness.

Planet-Friendly Choices: In our quest to be kind to our dogs, we haven't forgotten about the planet. Our use of sustainable insect protein is our pledge to a healthier earth.

Biggles and Munchkin Approved: Our toughest critics have given their tail wags of approval. We're pretty confident your pups will love them too!

Be Part of Our Neo Bites Family

Choosing Neo Bites means more than just picking a product off the shelf. It's about joining a community of dog lovers who believe in nourishing their pets with the best and doing their part for the environment.

Let's make mealtime a joyous and healthy affair for our dogs, one superfood sprinkle and treat at a time.

From our family to yours, Alison, AC, Biggles, and Munchkin welcome you to Neo Bites. Here’s to happy, healthy pups and a brighter future for our planet!