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Can't have that, doggies need their superfoods!

Is it safe for my dog to eat insects?

You betcha. Edible insects are a safe, hypoallergenic protein that are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) per the FDA. In August 2021, AAFCO approved Black Soldier Fly for use in dog food. Say hello to the future of sustainable protein!


Who formulated your recipes?

Dr. Mike Walker leads product innovation and development for Neo Bites. He brings a ton of knowledge and personal interest in using alternative proteins and functional ingredients that are packed with benefits for our pups. All our recipes and formulations are also reviewed and approved by a board-certified vet nutritionist, Dr. Sarah Abood.


Do dogs like the taste of insects?

They f*cking love ‘em. If for any reason your pup doesn’t, we have a Happiness 100% Guarantee and will refund your order.


Doesn’t my dog get all of the necessary nutrients through their food?

Most kibbles are full of fillers and low quality ingredients that are then put through high heat processing. This leads to reduced protein quality, the loss of heat-sensitive vitamins, and can even produce compounds known to be carcinogenic. Also, research has shown that dogs who are fed veggies (like those in our toppers) have a reduced risk of cancer.


How often should I give my dog this topper?

See feeding guidelines above. We recommend feeding the topper daily, but serving size varies based on your pup’s weight.


Can I add multiple Neo Bites Toppers to my dog’s meal?

Absolutely! Each topper is formulated to address a specific functional need. You can supercharge mealtime with one, two, or even all three toppers ⚡️.


Do I need to reduce the amount of food that I’m feeding my dog when using Neo Bites toppers?

Nope. Just follow the feeding guidelines and you’ll be all set!


Is this product hypoallergenic?

It sure is. Insects are a hypoallergenic protein, meaning it’s extremely unlikely they will cause an allergic reaction in your pup.

Is this product gut-friendly?

Yes again! All of our products are full of (only) whole-food superfoods that are easy on the tummy.


Is it safe to feed this to my puppy or senior dog?

Yep! Our products are great for dogs of all ages.


Where are your products made?

All of our products are made with love in small batches in Austin, TX.  

Why should I add Digestive Aid Topper to my dog’s food?

Our Digestive Aid Topper is loaded with gut-friendly ingredients like pumpkin, apple, and ginger, and supercharged with super-insects (the only animal protein with a naturally occurring prebiotic!). Prebiotics work together with the probiotics already found in your pup’s gut to promote a healthy digestive system. Hello firm poops! 


Why should I add Skin + Coat Aid Topper to my dog’s food?

Our Skin + Coat Topper is packed with Omega-3s from our Super-Insect Blend (fun fact: pound for pound, insects contain more omega-3s than salmon!), flaxseed, and peanut that all work together to help support your pup’s skin and coat.

Why should I add Health Aid Topper to my dog’s food?

Our Health Aid Topper is like adding a superfood salad to mealtime. It’s loaded with high-quality nutrients from whole-food ingredients that are missing in the typical dog diet. It is supercharged with super-insects for a necessary protein boost.