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Can't have that, doggies need their superfoods!

We know, we know, eating bugs sounds gross. But hear us out—there are lots of reasons why insect protein is a great addition to your dog's diet.

Insects are a superfood

Superfoods are considered exceptionally good for health and boosting the immune system due to high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidents and healthy fats.

Our super-insect blend is packed with all of those and more, making it an official superfood. It has all of the protein, amino acids and healthy fats you'd find in bigger animals, and pound for pound, has more omega-3s than salmon!

Insect protein is loaded with antioxidents

Unlike chicken or beef, our super-insect blend is loaded with antioxidents, and antioxidents have been shown to suppress inflamation-related diseases like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease in pets.

Insect protein is great for healthy skin, coat—and mind

Our super-insect blend is rich in healthy fats like lauric acid, which is great for healthy skin and coat.

Studies have also shown that lauric acid improves cognition in older dogs, even those with dimentia. By adding Neo Bites to your dog's diets, you're helping them look sharp and think even sharper.

Insects are naturally hypoallergenic

Allergies require previous exposure to a protein, which is why most allergic reactions in dogs are commonly triggered by beef and chicken meat products. Insect protein is a "novel protein"—meaning a protein that hasn't been part of the mainstream diets of cats and dogs. Since your dog most likely hasn't had insect protein before, they're much less likely to have a reaction when they eat it.

Insect protein promotes healthier guts and better poops

Crickets and other edible insects have exoskeletons packed with fibrous materials called prebiotics, which feed healthy bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in your dog's gut, resulting in less inflammation and chance of infection.

Insect protein is also easy to digest, resulting in lowered rates of bloating and indigestion along with healthier poops.

Insect protein is way more eco-friendly then traditional protein sources

If America's dog's & cats had their own country, their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world—higher than China! 

Crickets, on the other hand, use far fewer resources and produce virtually no greenhouse gases. Take a look:

  Insects Meat
% of total US methane emissions 0% 36%
water used per 1lb of edible weight 240 gal 13,400 gal
meters of land per 1lb of edible weight 5m2 61m2