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Can't have that, doggies need their superfoods!

The pet food industry is destroying our planet.

If America’s dogs and cats had their own country, their meat consumption would rank 5th in the world.  

Meat production generates 1/4 of the world's greenhouse gasses.

We founded Neo Bites on a mission to save the two things that humans can't live without...pets and planet earth. Before making any decision, we determine the impact of that decision on the environment. We seek out the most sustainable option when selecting everything from our protein sources, to our packaging, to our shipping methods.  
Neo Bites utilizes cricket as the primary source of protein in our treats and topper. Not only is cricket the most nutritious source of protein for dogs, it is the most sustainable animal protein for the environment.

Cricket Produces Less Greenhouse Gasses Than Traditional Sources of Animal Protein


Cricket is More Resource-Efficient Than Traditional Sources of Animal Protein




Neo Bites Also Donates 1% of Every Sale to Environmental Non-Profits through 1% For The Planet