Neo Bites



Neo Bites vs. Kibble

Tons of pup parents still feed their dogs kibble. Would they continue to if they really knew what was inside? Let’s take a look at types of “ingredients” that are found in leading kibble brands. 

Meat By-Products

The facts: By-products (known as offal) are the animal parts remaining once meat for human consumption has been taken... Think feet, livers, lungs, heads, brains, kidneys, stomachs etc.

Our take: Just skip it. Sure, these animal parts might not kill your dog, but don’t you think they deserve better?

Meat Meals

The facts: Usually labeled as “chicken meal” etc, meat meals are made by making a meat stew, and are then intentionally overcooked and baked until all that's left is a dried powder. This meat stew can include “4D meat” deriving from dead, dying, diseased and/or disabled animals. Think dead zoo animals, roadkill, euthanized animals, diseased livestock, etc. You'll often see "meals" paired with their friend "by-products" on ingredient panels. 

Our take: Just skip it… we know we don’t need to explain why.

Mystery Meats

The facts: Mystery meats are found labeled as "meat meal" or "meat by-product meal". If the ingredient panel doesn't specify the animal source, it could be from anywhere. See 4D meat above.

Our take: Just skip it. Why even risk feeding your pup 4D meat?

Corn, Soy & Other Fillers

The facts: These ingredients can be found in countless kibbles on the market. They’re typically included not to nurture your dog, but to save the manufacturer money...

Our take: Just skip it. They're cheap, can cause allergies, and provide little nutritional value.

Artificial Ingredients

The facts: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). Ethoxyquin. While these ingredients have been approved for use in pet foods, they are known to be carcinogenic and cancer-causing. Food dyes like Yellow 6 and Red 40 are used to appeal to the pet parents by giving that brown kibble some color, but they provide no value and only introduce more artificial chemicals to your pup's diet. 

Our take: Run for the hills. These have no place in pet food and only cause harm. 


The facts: Most leading kibbles lack any positive digestive component, but some now add pre and probiotics to aid in digestion. Cricket, however, naturally contains a prebiotic called chitin that promotes a healthy gut for dogs with digestive issues.

Our take: Every dog could benefit from a prebiotic or probiotic to promote healthy digestion. 


The facts: Beef, lamb, chicken and soy are some of the most common food allergies in dogs. Cricket is considered hypoallergenic, meaning it's not likely to cause an allergic reaction in dogs. 

Our take: Cricket is a safe, allergy-friendly protein - why risk a food allergy on top of everything else by choosing beef?


Neo Bites vs. Fresh Food

Fresh foods are less likely to cause digestive or allergen issues given their high-quality ingredients and gentle cooking process. However, some pups may still be allergic to the traditional proteins used. 

The major difference in Neo Bites and other fresh foods - besides our use of a hypoallergenic protein - is CONVENIENCE

The facts: Fresh foods are messy, take up precious fridge/freezer space, and only last about 7 days before spoiling.  

Our take: Choose the convenient product that also checks the other boxes.