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Our Story

Hey! We’re Wesley and Winslow - we founded Neo Bites around our shared passions for sustainability, health, and wellness. Lifetime dog-lovers, we were shocked to discover the low-quality standards and unsustainable practices of the poorly-regulated pet food industry.
In true COVID-era fashion, we were randomly placed in the same Zoom breakout room at an industry networking event. Wesley was working in the consumer food and beverage space and pursuing a use for cricket protein - an underutilized, resource-efficient superfood. Winslow was helping consumer brands cultivate community around their values. 
Instantly bonding over our shared passions and interests, we joined forces to solve some of the greatest challenges of the pet food industry.

Why Neo Bites?

We are on a mission to save the two things humans can’t live without: Pets and Planet Earth. The pet food industry is full of mixed messages and is poorly regulated with low quality standards. Also, if America’s dogs and cats were their own country, their meat consumption would rank 5th in the world. Given the environmental impact of traditional meat agricultural practices, we were surprised to see that no pet food company had taken our planet’s health into consideration. We set out to solve both problems by creating products that are not just healthy, but are also resource-efficient and easy on the planet.