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Barks & Boooze

Barks & Boooze

Halloween Pup Party!!

Some pics from our second Neo Pack party: Barks & Boooze!! It was a spooktacular time, with so many smiling faces and wagging tails, not to mention all of the AMAZING costumes! Dogs ranged from lobsters and turtles to bananas and hotdogs. Y’all showed up for the costume contest! 3 lucky pup winners got to go home with free treats, Still Austin Whiskey (for the parents) and more! A big thanks to our sponsors, Still Austin Whiskey, Clean Cause, Richards Rainwater and Springer Pets for being there and providing such great products for those who attended. Check out some fun photos below and stay tuned for more events that are right around the corner!

Maisey, winner of the costume contest!!

Cute lil Yoda pup!

A happy cowgirl waiting for someone to drop some treats in her bowl.

Pups weren't the only ones in costumes!

Another cute pair!

Griffin aka the most photogenic dog ever.

The cutest Bexley and the best pup parents. 


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