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Holiday Activities with your Pup in Austin

Holiday Activities with your Pup in Austin

Holiday Activities with your Pup in Austin

Ho ho ho!! It’s that time of year where we all slap on those ugly sweaters and pretend we live in a winter wonderland even though the average temp is still 75 degrees. No matter the weather, we are still serious about getting into that holly jolly mindset and what better way to do it than with your pup!! Read on to discover some fun things you can do this winter with your furry friends in Austin!

1. Trail of Lights (Photo: Do512Family)

The annual Trail of Lights is back this year and better than ever! Instead of walking on a trail and shivering your butt off, you are able to drive through the event in your car just like last year, meaning your pup pals can come with!! You’ll still have to put on a coat because you know your pup will demand that window to be open the whole time, but that’s fine, they’re worth it. Tickets can be purchased here.

2. Mozarts Light Show (Photo: Mozarts)

You don’t want to miss the Mozarts Light Show! Cozy up with a hot chocolate and your pup while you watch the lights twinkle and listen to the holiday tunes!! Mozarts’ unique location on the water makes the night even more magical and scenic. Make sure to grab that ticket asap though because they’re selling out fast- for a good reason. ;) Tickets can be purchased here.

3. Holiday Market 12/12

If you’re sitting inside having a lazy Sunday, grab your pup and go to the Holiday Market! There will be free prizes for the first 15 dogs, free cider + puppuccinos, complimentary Mighty Swell + Rambler, dog tarot card readings, a polaroid photo booth, an ornament craft station and some amazing local vendors! Make sure to bring a big bag in order to sneak that new gift you get your pup for christmas! Find more into here!


4. Barks and Booze

Annnddddd last but not least, Barks & Booze!! Barks and Booze is a bimonthly event held at Hotel Vegas, hosted by us, Neo Bites! This one in particular is a holiday themed event, featuring free drinks (for the humans) samples of our brand new toppers (for the pups) and pics with Santa at the North Pole!! Barks & Booze takes place at one of the coolest outdoor bars in Austin because our pups deserve to “go out” too! Come out and have fun while meeting other pup parents in Austin, TX. Tickets are free and can be reserved here.

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