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Neo Bites Launches First Line of Functional Dog Food Toppers Powered By Insect Protein

Neo Bites Launches First Line of Functional Dog Food Toppers Powered By Insect Protein

Neo Bites Launches First Line of Functional Dog Food Toppers Powered By Insect Protein

Neo Bites, a sustainable pet food startup founded to improve dog health and the pet food industry’s relationship with the environment, has launched the first line of functional dog food toppers made from insect protein.

Typical dog food is made with fillers and artificial preservatives, is highly processed, and loaded with questionable meats and meat by-products. So it’s little wonder canine cancer rates are rising. Neo Bites dog food toppers and treats are powered by insect protein, which is the only animal protein with a natural prebiotic and contains more omega-3s than salmon. Neo Bites products are hypoallergenic and made from whole food superfoods.

"Our products are designed to improve dogs' lives and can satisfy even the most picky eaters,” says Neo Bites Co-founder Winslow Marshall. “Dog lovers can trust that our dog food toppers are filled with the nutrients that are missing from legacy pet food.”

Neo Bites is also improving the health of our environment. Insects produce virtually no greenhouse gases, while U.S. pet meat consumption is a major contributor to meat’s environmental impact.

"Neo Bites is changing how we feed our dogs and steward our planet," says Neo Bites Co-founder Wesley Cooper. "The pet food industry is traditionally a major environmental burden and contributor to climate change. If America's dogs and cats had their own country, their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world. Meat production generates 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our pets and their humans deserve better. We are accelerating the shift to sustainable animal nutrition."

The Neo Bites lineup includes three formulations of insect protein dog food toppers that supercharge mealtime, each designed to address a specific functional need:

Health Aid Topper: Nutrient-dense topper designed to promote everyday vitality. Made with Super-Insect Blend, kale, oats, turmeric, and kelp.

Digestive Aid Topper: Tasty, nutrient-dense, and gentle enough to support gut health, firm poops, and comfy tummies. Made with Super-Insect Blend, ginger, pumpkin, apple, and oats.

Skin & Coat Aid Topper: Just the right combination for a thick and shiny coat, itch relief and healthy skin. Made with Super-Insect Blend, flaxseed, and peanut.

Original Dog Treats: Gently oven baked, these treats are what dogs want and need. Made from Super-Insect Blend, peanut, pumpkin, oats, cinnamon, and egg.

Neo Bites was founded in true modern pandemic fashion by a pair of dog-loving, sustainability-minded entrepreneurs who met during a Zoom networking event. The founders have built a loyal following made up of dog lovers across their native Austin known as the ” Neo Pack ” that has validated Neo Bites as a perfect blend of flavor, nutrition, and sustainability.

Neo Bites is made in small batches and the company is currently scaling to meet demand and planning to expand its product line.

Dog lovers can take advantage of personalized subscriptions with free shipping by shopping Neo Bites here.

About Neo Bites: Neo Bites is changing how dog lovers feed their pets by creating sustainable, healthy, and great-tasting dog food products that harness the unique functional benefits of insect protein. Their signature toppers aim to make high-quality nutrition attainable for all - not just those who can afford fresh dog food. All products are made from whole food ingredients and are produced in small batches in Austin, TX.

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