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The Pet Food Industry is Destroying the Planet

The Pet Food Industry is Destroying the Planet

The Pet Food Industry is Destroying the Planet

It is downright shocking how much damage the pet food industry causes our environment.

If America’s dogs and cats had their own country,  their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world, just ahead of the human population of China. In fact, American pets eat about as much food as  all the citizens of France.

The meat-centric diets of  our nation’s pets are creating 64 million tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to driving 13.6 million cars a year. Overall meat production is responsible for more than 1/3 of US methane emissions, which are 25 times more potent than CO2 when it comes to trapping heat in the atmosphere.  Our cats and dogs are responsible for up to 30% of those emissions.

Meanwhile, the climate change impacts from animal agriculture are already significant and increasing over time, with rising temperatures, more droughts and wildfires, sea level rise, and more extreme weather events already wreaking havoc on our planet and its inhabitants.

Sadly, despite the best efforts of many, this problem is only growing in scale. One in five American households acquired a pet during the pandemic, meaning that fifth-ranked nation of meat-eating cats and dogs is only growing larger. This growth in pet families should be celebrated – not lamented as a bigger threat to our environment.

Meat Provides No Real Answers

So how do we make things better? 

Eliminating animal protein waste is one way to improve sustainability via rendering of meat scraps, bones, and organs, but it still doesn’t address animal agriculture’s inherent problems (and these protein sources fail to provide high-quality nutrition). Especially with human population rising through 2050, the impact of meat production must be mitigated in a larger way.

The  Pet Sustainability Coalition maintains that the pet food industry would do well to reduce its reliance on factory livestock farming.

But how? Especially when consumer demand for human-grade pet food products is higher than ever?

Insects Solve Multiple Problems

We already know that insect protein production yields virtually no greenhouse gases while delivering even more complete nutritional benefits than meat. We know insect protein consumption is safe for humans as well as our pups. Already a culinary staple in many parts of the world, insects are fast becoming a viable source of nutrition and satisfaction for dogs in the U.S.

When it comes to environmental impact, there’s a clear choice. Insect protein only utilizes 240 gallons of water per pound of edible product, compared to 13,400 gallons of water per pound of animal protein. When it comes to land use, the insect edge is even greater, requiring only five meters per pound of edible insect protein versus 61 meters per pound for animal protein.

Insects are also able to be raised in a circular economy, which is restorative and regenerative by nature. They’re often fed with byproducts from other food-grade processes and there are many ways that waste from larvae avoids the landfill. Most notably, the waste can be used for animal feed.

Products that operate within a circular economy framework have power to create true sustainability, which is why Neo Bites believes the answer to legacy pet food’s environmental issues lies squarely with insects and the powerful protein they contain.

Our proprietary Super-Insect Blend is one of the biggest reasons Neo Bites became the first carbon negative pet food company in the country. It’s the reason why dogs love our toppers and treats. It’s the reason why our products are more affordable than leading competitors. 

What can pup parents do?

The most impact you can have is caring for your pets with sustainable products, feeding them sustainable foods, and surrounding them with sustainable toys to play with.

If you haven’t already made the switch to insect protein, what are you waiting for?

Each of our dog food toppers are designed with specific formulations that help pups get the nutrition they need.

Take the first step today with  Neo Bites Dog Food Toppers and Treats

There’s no reason we can’t feed our dogs the very best while being better stewards of the planet we share with them. 

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